Automotive, 70 x 55 cm

The towel is made of fabric based on the Twist thread. A large towel is suitable for cleaning extensive surfaces: bonnet, trunk and car glass. Removes excess moisture after washing, leaves no scratches and damage on the car enamel.

The appearance of the car and the ideal order in the cabin - an important element of the human image. The absence of dirt on the handles, doors and cabin is a guarantee of the cleanliness of your clothes. And the timely cleansing of the car from winter dirt with reagents is a long life of car enamel.

Now you can achieve this without the help of auto-imimia and regular visit to the car wash. A large and comfortable towel will make washing the car simple and easy. Thanks to the ability of microfibers to absorb significant amounts of moisture, it will quickly cope with the cleaning of such extensive surfaces as the hood, trunk and even the glass of the car.

Together with the liquid, the microfibre absorbs dirt, residues of cleansers and reagents, thereby protecting the car enamel from damage. Towel to shine will clean any parts of the car and will not leave scratches, divorces or lint on them. Your car will look flawless.





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