The kitchen sponge of the AQUAmagic Splitter perfectly absorbs moisture and keeps it inside along with the pollution. It is indispensable for the care of cooking panels, ovens, ceramic aprons, hoods, microwave ovens. The hard side can be used to remove the injected dirt, and the soft side is suitable for polishing surfaces.

The soft velour side is an ultra-thin dissected microfibre, and the hard one is created by applying a scrubbing texture to a soft base, the Splitter fibers. The sponge-sling side easily removes complex contaminants, and soft absorbs dirt and moisture. Suitable for cleaning household kitchen appliances, ceramic tiles.

This makes the sponge a real "expert" on the removal of complex contaminants. It can easily cope with fat, lime plaque, food residues and to shine will clean any surfaces without damaging them.

  • The use of A'uAmagic products saves money and time;
  • After the use of the products, the A'UAmagic remains clean surface;
  • Aesthetic pleasure from the application: the product looks beautiful, pleasant tactile.