Refreshing body scrub cream.


Cream scrub with anticellulite effect frees the skin from contaminants and keratinized particles, supplies cells with all necessary phytomineral nutrition, improves microcirculation, increases immune status, restores hydrolipid balance, activates the processes of regeneration and synthesis of substances necessary for the youth of the skin. The result is a velvety, fresh, tender, elastic and energy-filled skin.

How to use: dilute 1-2 tablespoons of powder with warm water until the consistency of liquid sour cream. Apply the mixture in circular motions on the body, continue to massage for 1-3 minutes, then thoroughly rinse. If you want to strengthen the effect of the cream-scrub - extend the exposure to 10 minutes. During the procedure, do not allow the skin to dry out: periodically wet it with water. The tool can be used in a bath or sauna.

It can be used daily as a detergent for washing. As a caregiver - 1-3 times a week.



Clay white, sea salt, salt lake, clay bentonite, oat bran, horsetail field, nettles bi-domestic, red clover, millstone, st strawberry hole, buckwheat flour, Kuril tea, potassium chloride.




250 Milliliters

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