Shampoo mask for shine and volume.


Intensively cleans and heals the scalp, supplying it with restorative nutrition. The composition includes substances to stimulate circulation, eliminate dryness and excessive fatness, combat dandruff and preserve the color of dyed hair. The mask strengthens the roots and "fills" the split ends. And the leaves of birch in the composition facilitate the laying and combing of strands. Regular use of the remedy will give you luxurious hair - lush, strong and shiny.

How to use: 1 to 3 tablespoons of powder (depending on the length of the hair) dilute with hot water (t 60-90 degrees Celsius) to the consistency of liquid sour cream. Apply to a pre-hydrated head. Some of the means rub into the roots, the rest evenly spread over the hair. Massage your head. If you use the product as a shampoo - wash it off carefully. If you use the product as a mask, extend the procedure to 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure that the scalp does not dry out: wet it with water or cover with a cap. Wash the product thoroughly until completely removed.

For better styling, you can use conditioner, applying it only on the hair, not allowing to get on the scalp. This is relevant at the beginning of the application of the tool, because after long use of chemical cosmetics fat balance of the scalp needs to be restored. You can also use the conditioner if your hair is damaged by dyeing or a chemical perm. Instead of using air conditioning, you can rinse your head with water, acidified citric acid or food vinegar (1 tsp per glass).

Shampoo can be used as a dish of need. It is recommended to use a mask once a week.



Clay bentonite, zeolite, wheat bran, soap nut, mustard powder, grass honeysuckle, nettle bi-domestic, birch leaf, copper sulfate.




250 Milliliters