Rejuvenating lifting mask.


The regenerative mask is an intense anti-aging agent that activates the skin's ability to renew. Restores high levels of protein formation and protects collagen and elastin from destruction while maintaining natural skin hydration. Reduces the number of wrinkles, evens out the microrelef, tightens the contour of the face, compacts the structure of the skin.

How to use: spread 1 teaspoon of powder with hot water (t 60-90 degrees Celsius, depending on the sensitivity of the skin) to the consistency of liquid sour cream. Apply to a wet and pre-cleaned MIRACLE face. Soak for 15 minutes. Make sure that the skin does not dry out: periodically wet it with water. At the end of the procedure, thoroughly wash off the product.

Apply 1-3 times a week.



Clay bentonite, white clay, pink clay, marigolds, pharmacy chamomile, sodium alginate, vegetable parsley, althea root, rosemary, flax flour, potassium chloride.




75 Milliliters

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