Regenerating face cream.


Restoring youth cream has increased biological activity, promotes intensive nutrition and renewal of skin cells. It strengthens capillaries, enhances circulation and makes vascular pattern less visible. Provides a pronounced rejuvenating effect due to intense hydration of the skin. The light texture gives you a sense of comfort. Recommended for mature skin of any type.

How to use: Light massage movements apply a small amount of cream to the skin of the face, including the area around the eyes.
Apply daily, morning and evening.

A product that requires a special temperature regime.

Store at t 0 to 25 degrees Celsius.



The gel base, the water extraction of the cuff grass, the water hood of nettle leaves, the oil of grape seeds, cocoa butter, shea butter, noble laurel extract, peptide complex, glycerin, lemongrass oil, rose tincture, sea salt, ascorbic acid, sodium adenosinetriphosphate (ATP), tocopherol acetate, retinol palmitate, essential mint oil, caton, essential oil.




30 Milliliters

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