100% natural cinnamon essential oil.


Lat. Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Known from ancient times, the cinnamon tree is surrounded by many myths and legends. Thus, it is known from the Bible that it was a sacred plant in the garden of King Solomon. He was highly appreciated by Avicenna. Cinnamon powder was used for incense and medicinal drugs. Shoots and leaves contain about 1% of the essential oil produced by the steam distillation method. Perfumers often use it to create oriental-style perfumes. The sunny aroma of cinnamon is like for almost everyone.

Delivers skin cells a full diet, eliminates lethargy and pale skin, activates circulation and metabolic processes, protects against aging action of free radicals, smooths fine wrinkles, relieves the face from oily shine and rashes. Effective to fight cellulite. It helps with fungal skin lesions.

It has a beneficial effect on almost all organs and systems. Powerful antitoxic and anti-cold remedy. Strengthens the immune system. It helps to overcome depression and stress. Increases potency, stimulates sexual activity.

Warm, spicy, sweet, cozy, tonic aroma, revealing and giving creative activity.


Aromatization of air: 4-6 drops per 15 sq m. Creates a cozy, warm atmosphere.

Enrichment of cosmetics: up to 3 drops per 15 grams of the remedy.

Aromamedalone: 2-3 drops to strengthen self-belief.

Aromatization of the bath: 3-4 drops per 1/2 cup of milk or cream, add the mixture to the bath. Helps overcome fatigue.

Massage: 2-3 drops per 5 ml of base oil.




5 Milliliters