100% natural bergamot essential oil.


Lat. Citrus bergamia

For the first time the bergamot essential oil was received by monks from Florence. Italian merchants sold it at a high price to other countries as the best remedy for fever and insect control. Today, the bright aroma of bergamot is familiar to almost everyone, as it is the basis of many popular perfume compositions and the main "highlight" of the world's favorite tea "Earl Grey".

The essential oil of the bergamot eliminates the problems of oily skin, tones it, relieves inflammation, irritation and peeling, brightens the skin, helps with herpes and acne, buys swelling. It is successfully used to fight cellulite. Bergamot oil is a wonderful antiseptic. It increases immunity, relieves heat, helps with muscle pain, effectively acts in spasms and swelling, improves digestion.

Mysterious, tart, bitter-smoky aroma of bergamot inspires and gives vitality.


Aromatization of air: 3 drops of bergamot oil and 3 drops of lavender oil per 15 sq m - with emotional overexertion.

Enrichment of cosmetics: up to 5 drops per 15 grams of the remedy.

Aromamedalone: 3 drops to overcome fear.

Aromatization of the bath: 4-7 drops on 1/2 cup of milk or cream, add the mixture to the bath. Depending on the time of day, it can be used as a tonic or a sedative.

Massage: 2-3 drops per 5 ml of base oil.

A heat-burning compress on the shin muscles: 15 drops per 200 ml of water.

Sauna: 10 drops of bergamot oil, 5 drops - eucalyptus and mint. 5 drops of this mixture on 1 litre of hot water.

Keep out of the fire! Store at a temperature not higher than 15 degrees Celsius in a place out of reach of children, separate from food, with a tightly closed lid.




5 Milliliters