100% natural sweet almond oil.


Lat. Prunus dulcis

Since ancient times, almond oil was considered a valuable gift of nature and used for beauty and healing. Today, sweet almonds are specially grown to produce oil. Most of these plantations are in North America. The best oil is considered to be the first press. It is used as a basis for therapeutic and cosmetic products.

Rich in vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, almond oil intensively nourishes and hydrates the skin, protects it from ultraviolet radiation, keeps it soft and elastic. Indispensable for dry skin care with visible vascular pattern: eliminates redness and peeling, gives the skin velvety, evens and softens it, improves color. Increases the elasticity of the skin, smooths fine wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Suitable for skin care of the eyelids and lips. It can be used to remove make-up and cleanse the face.

Effective for hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It strengthens, stimulates growth.

The perfect massage. It is used to eliminate cellulite.

Light in texture, the oil absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy shine. It does not cause irritation. Suitable for any skin, including sensitive and childlike.


As a self-made cosmetic: 5-10 ml of oil to apply on the skin, after 15 minutes excess remove with a napkin.

For massage: 5-10 ml of oil as a base. Enrich with selected essential oils. It can be used for massage in equal proportions with other base oil, for example, with grape seed oil.

To enrich cosmetics: 10 drops per 100 ml of the remedy.

Keep out of the fire! Store at a temperature not higher than 15 degrees Celsius in a place out of reach of children, separate from food.




50 Milliliters