Compact aromamator of your mood.

In the modern rhythm of life, we often forget about the most important thing - rest. Its absence can lead to emotional burnout and decreased physical activity, which is so important in our time. And even though the new day has just begun, we can wake up "broken" and tired, dreaming about how to be back in a cozy bed faster.

Aromaroll "Tonus" will help to cope with emotional and physical exhaustion and will set you up for greater productivity and good mood.

Thanks to aromasmesi, you will be easier to wake up, being in a great mood and inspired to accomplish the tasks throughout the day.


How to use:

 Apply aromas on the palm or wrist, warm your hands, bring your hands to the face, take 3-4 deep breaths. Apply as needed.


It has no contraindications, except for the individual intolerance of components. Before use, we recommend a sensitivity test: apply the mixture on the elbow bend, in the absence of a reaction in the form of itching or redness, use aromaroller according to the recommended method of use.


Avoid getting caught in the eye. In case of getting into the eyes immediately rinse with a large amount of water.

Storage conditions:

It is recommended to store in a dry place, inaccessible to children, in the absence of direct exposure to sunlight, with a tightly closed lid. Keep out of the fire.



Ingredients: fractional coconut oil, aromatic composition (orange essential oils, cloves, cinnamon leaf, vanilla extract).

Fractional coconut oil is a base oil that is the conductor of the aromatic composition of essential oils.

The essential oil of orange tones, invigorates, improves mood and performance, imbues with energy, warms.

Essential oil cloves - the aroma of attraction and success, improves memory, promotes performance and productivity.

Essential cinnamon leaf oil is an unsurpassed natural adaptogen. Useful for inspiration, sets up for victory and success.

Vanilla extract is able to instantly create a special mood, disposing to creative activities.