Facial moisturizer.


The gentle moisturizer provides the skin with intense nutrition, saturating it with vitamins and minerals. Improves circulation, stimulates metabolic processes, returns to the skin elasticity and tone, relieves signs of fatigue. Keeps the skin hydrated, enhances antioxidant protection. Suitable for skin of any type.

How to use: Light massage movements apply a small amount of cream to the skin of the face, including the area around the eyes. Apply daily, morning and evening.

A product that requires a special temperature regime.

Store at t 0 to 25 degrees Celsius.



The gel base, the water hood of the buckthorn sheet, avocado oil, water extract of birch leaves, water extraction of grass of the bird's mountaineer, water extract of the grass of the field hem, shea butter, oil rosehip extract, sodium alginate, marigold tincture, complex of fruit acids, sea salt, acid ascorbic, zinc sulfate.




30 Milliliters