To remove ultra-strong contaminants.


he kit is ideal for combating ultra-strong pollution. The products from the set are made of ultra-thin dissected microfiber A'a'aamagic in combination with a hard pile-scrub "Involver" with high cleaning ability.

Involver fabric is highly fluid and excellent cleaning properties. Like a toothbrush, the threads penetrate into the thinnest cracks and clean the surfaces of the most severe contaminants without much difficulty. Sticky fat on the kitchen hood, nagar on the stove, strokes from shoes on linoleum, lime plaque, dust on grates, patina on metal products, traces of scotch, poplar buds, chewing gum, insects will no longer be a problem for you. And all this you will clean without a drop of dangerous for health household chemistry.

Weaving "Involver" guarantees not only efficiency, but also special strength of products. Even with heavy use, they will not lose their properties for several years. And all the years of service A'U'Aagic Ultra will please you with cleanliness and comfort.

The set includes:

  • Involver, 23 x 21 cm
  • Involver napkin two-way, 30 x 23 cm
  • Involver (2 pieces), 12 cm

Attention! Do not use for glossy, lacquered surfaces, as well as stainless steel surfaces.

Use for wet cleaning. Before applying, wet and press.