To care for the kitchen.


The Involver sponge is based on the innovative Involver thread, in which ultra-thin dissected microfibers repeatedly wrap the core of the hard pile-"scrub".

The unique structure of the pile is qualitatively cleaned highly polluted surfaces, as well as remove persistent stains from any surfaces.

The napkin in the scar at the expense of relief texture easily copes with the cleansing of any surfaces, including metal and chrome coatings. It is easy to remove complex fat-containing contamination. Perfectly absorbs moisture. It does not leave lint and divorce, is convenient and pleasant to use.

  • The use of A'uAmagic products saves money and time;
  • After the use of the products, the A'UAmagic remains clean surface;
  • Aesthetic pleasure from the application: the product looks beautiful, pleasant tactile.

The set includes:

  • Involver sponge green, 15 x 7 cm
  • Involver sponge yellow, 15 x 7 cm
  • Kitchen sheath napkin, 30 x 30 cm