For car care.


The best gift to yourself or another motorist is a universal set for car care. Cleaning wipes in the cabin, mittens for removing road dirt and cleaning upholstery of chairs and fabric ceiling, a special napkin for glass and mirrors will allow you to enjoy the impeccable cleanliness of the car daily.

Products clean any surface of the machine without chemistry, absorb significant amounts of moisture, leave no scratches, divorces or lint and protect the car enamel from damage.

The ideal order in the interior of the car - the key to good mood, as well as an important element of the image. Clean headlights, rooms, glass and mirrors are also driving safety. The absence of dirt on the handles, doors and in the cabin - a guarantee of neatness of clothing. And the timely cleansing of the car from winter dirt with reagents is a long life of car enamel.

You can achieve this without the help of auto-imimia and regular visits to the car wash.

Thanks to the ability of microfibers to absorb significant amounts of moisture, the products can easily and quickly cope with the cleaning of such extensive surfaces as the hood, trunk or glass of the car. The napkins and mittens will clean up any parts of the car and will not leave scratches, divorces or lint on them. Your car will look flawless.

The set includes:

  • Universal napkin, 40 x 30 cm
  • Universal mitten, 26 x 18 cm
  • Glass and mirror napkin, 40 x 30 cm
  • A napkin for surfaces requiring careful care, 40 x 30 cm