70 capsules of 400 mg Treatment of Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids

PET SANG KAT (Pet Sang Kat), or Cissus Quadrangular (lat.Cissus quadrangularis) means for the prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It reduces the risk of inflammation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, restores connective tissues, relieves swelling at the site of hemorrhoids.

  • removes congestion in veins and tissues;
  • reduces puffiness;
  • promotes the rapid resorption of existing hemorrhoids;
  • prevents the formation of new nodes;
  • relieves inflammation of the colon and small intestine;
  • helps to heal cracks in the anus;
  • cleans the valves of the veins;
  • prevents blood clots.

Cissus significantly accelerates bone fusion. This feature is inherent in this plant due to its anabolic and androgenic properties. Another important factor is the increase in the stretching force of the bone tissue. Clinical studies have also shown that the use of Cissus increases the bone healing time by 55-53%.
In scientific studies, the analgesic effect of Cissus has also been identified. For example, when taken after injuries or after training, the pain effect decreased by a third. With constant aching pain in the joints, he also proved to be a very effective pain reliever.

In addition, the ancient medicinal plant Cissus Quadrangular has long been known as an effective way to lose weight and improve blood composition. Helps suppress appetite and burn fat. Improves metabolism with osteocalcin by increasing the production of adiponectin.

Capsules improve metabolic processes, promote tissue regeneration, and increase the body's defenses.

Attention! When using capsules, it is advisable to reduce the intake of salty foods.
Contraindications: individual intolerance.
Method of application: 3 capsules 3 times a day after meals. It is recommended to drink a course of 140 capsules with a break of 1 month. (70 capsules - 1 month break - 70 more capsules) The course can be repeated in six months.

It is not a medicine!



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