- Configuration: Petitfee Agave Cooling Eye Patch 60 pcs (30 pairs) - Hydrogel eye mask that contains hydration of the eyes with agave and blueberry extract - Immediate cooling effect and tight adhesion - Supply strong moisturizing effect and active ingredient - After cleansing and toning your skin, take a patch with the spatula and place the mask under your eyes. Remove after 15 to 20 minutes.

- Cool Down Immediate cooling

Skin-Fit Adhesion without gaps

Moisturizing Powerful moisturizing power

Nourishing Supply of active ingredients - "Agave extract", a vitality that does not dry even in the desert It is a plant that has excellent moisture retention even in the dry desert above 50 -10 major superfoods Blueberry Extract??Contains anthocyanins, phytochemicals, etc., and has excellent skin protection.

Ingredient : Purified water, glycerin, calcium chloride, shea butter, ethyl hexanediol, weak wheat extract, golden extract, green tea extract, mugwort extract, citron extract, kumquat seed extract, giant king pine leaf extract, weaver bamboo stem extract, Irish moth powder, tin oxide , Ferric ferrocyanide, ultramarine, chlorophenesin, kelp extract, giant kelp extract, flat green extract, hat bark extract, spirulina platensis extract, auditory extract, branched fruit extract, agave leaf extract, disodium editiy, Caffeine



Petitfee Agave Cooling Eye Patch