Roll-on Inhaler with Red Lotus Oil Antistress - A ball-and-stick in the form of an inhaler with aromatic oil based on only four natural ingredients: Lotus Stamen Extract, Cajaput, Eucalyptus and Menthol oils to relieve nervous tension, headaches, high blood pressure, and also to eliminate muscle pain and itching after insect bites with a very pleasant soothing aroma. Lotus oil effectively relieves inflammation, swelling, relieves pain in osteochondrosis, arthritis, neuralgia and neuritis, provides rapid tissue regeneration after injuries, fractures and sprains. The pleasant scent of red lotus clarifies the mind, relieves stress and gives peace of mind. The natural formula of Antistress oil based on red lotus will also help the rapid healing of pustules, acne, various inflammations on the skin due to its strong antibacterial effect. The Antistress inhaler with red lotus oil can also be used to treat ulcers, skin wounds, dermatitis.

  • Lotus essential oil.
    Thai doctors consider it to be a real balm for the heart, capable of healing heart wounds - resentment, mental trauma, etc. Tibetan monks use it to this day as a means of promoting successful meditation - to balance the mind and total relaxation. In ancient Rome, healers used lotus oil as a cure for asthma - it opens the lungs and relaxes the whole body.
    If a woman uses lotus oil instead of perfume, her attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex is significantly increased - this is a powerful aphrodisiac for men.
  • Kayaput oil.
    Gives self-confidence, dispels fears. Eliminates nervous tics. Refers to strong natural antibiotics, fungicidal agents, i.e. useful for colds, flu. Heals wounds, relieves pain and spasms. It is used externally for coughs, chronic rhinitis, for the treatment of tonsillitis.
    And a very unique property of cajaput - its aromatherapy use is shown to relieve pain during menstruation, as well as to facilitate the course of menopause. It is achieved due to the content of estrogen-like substances.
  • Eucalyptus and Menthol refresh, relieve nasal congestion, relieve headaches, relax, cool.

Application : apply to the skin, or simply inhale, avoid contact with mucous membranes, mouth, eyes, and affected areas of the skin.



NATURBIOTIC Anti-stress balm with Red Lotus Oil. Roller Inhaler.

7 Milliliters