Madame Heng Intensive Action Oil Serum with Arbutin and Vitamins E and C acts gradually, but extremely effectively.
The serum contains a complex of amino acids, arbutin, vitamins E and C, natural plant extracts. Thanks to its composition, the serum controls the production of an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of melanin and other pigments, eliminating the cause of the appearance of spots. With regular use, age spots, freckles, acne marks are significantly reduced, and the skin color is evened out. Vitamin E in the composition accelerates cellular renewal, and vitamin C promotes the growth and restoration of connective tissue, participates in the synthesis of collagen fibers.

How to use:
Apply the serum locally to age spots, acne marks on cleansed skin. For a radiant skin, it is recommended to add this serum to the Anti-Aging Lotion-Serum "Drops of Youth" in equal proportions (1: 1).

Be sure to try the products of the Madame Heng factory. This factory has 65 years of history and has long won an honorable place among the manufacturers of care products not only in the Thai market, but also in the European markets. The property of this factory: balanced recipes and high quality natural ingredients.
The ingredients used in the manufacture of products are obtained from organically grown plants that grow in one of the most environmentally friendly places on the planet - in the highlands in the North of Thailand. Madame Heng products are based only on natural vegetable and essential oils, plant and fruit extracts, as well as seaweed and natural ingredients obtained from the depths of the Andaman and South China Seas.




Madame Heng Clear Spots Solution

14 Milliliters