An exceptional cocktail of active action against wrinkles, as well as for improving nutrition, moisturizing and protecting the skin.
A blend of exotic Cutipure oils of black cumin, chaul mughra, tea tree, manuka and magnolia bark extract has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity.

The bark extract of the exotic tree Terminalia arjuna, Arjuna Myrobalan improves the elasticity and dermal density of the skin, enhances its nutrition, reduces flaking, making the skin smoother.

Quince seed extract promotes the synthesis of the components of the dermal matrix, the restoration of damage to the epidermis, perfectly moisturizes, maintaining the effect throughout the day.

Result: the skin of the face becomes radiant, healthy and firm, wrinkles and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Care and protection throughout the day. An exceptional anti-aging treatment and an excellent make-up base.

Usage: apply a small amount of the cocktail on well-cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté along the massage lines 15 minutes before going outside.      




LUXE HAYAT Rejuvenating cream cocktail with SPF 15

50 Milliliters