Lolane Two-Phase Hair Care Spray with Camellia Oil and Hydrolyzed Keratin restores hair deep inside, protects hair from moisture loss and dryness when using high temperatures when drying and styling hair, moisturizes and nourishes hair. Gives shine to hair without weighing it down and greasy. The leave-in oil formula is specially formulated for intensive care of all hair types, including fine and rare hair.

The combination of Camellia Oil and Keratin restores structural damage, preventing dry hair and splitting ends. Bioactive amino acids Keratin restore damaged layers, increasing the elasticity and elasticity of hair, Camellia cosmetic oil promotes metabolic processes regeneration, has a softening and moisturizing effect, providing hair with shine, smoothness and elasticity, protecting hair from external factors.
Having regained its vitality, the hair has a well-groomed appearance and protection from the negative effects of the environment. Regular use of the oil promotes easy combing of the hair, protects against external factors, providing powerful hydration for a long period.

  • Liquid Keratin (Liquid Keratin) helps to revitalize, strengthen, restore hair and protect from heat up to 220 ° C. Natural keratin increases the strength of the cuticle, sticks the exfoliated scales, creates a protective shell. The organic Emollient Caprilic included in the composition moisturizes hair, prevents moisture loss, gives elasticity, protects curls from external influences, reduces the number of split ends
  • Camellia Oil moisturizes and nourishes dry hair, helping to create volume. Camellia oil is a light remedy containing squalene, Zn, Ca, Fe, Mn, Mg, vitamins, A, B, E, oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, myristic, arachidonic fatty acids, biofavonoids, polyphenols. Eliminates itching and dandruff, restores scalp health. Penetrates deep into the hair structure, sealing damaged areas. Stimulates hair growth, adds fluffiness and shine.
  • Caprilik is an organic emollient. Moisturizes, enhances the penetration of fat-soluble vitamins into the scalp. It has anti-inflammatory and protective effects.

Bi-Phase Layers Technology provides easy mixing two-phase layers, fast oil dissolution and leaves no stickiness on the hair.

Paraben free.

Mode of application:

The spray must be shaken well and applied to damp hair without rinsing. Dry and style your hair as desired. You can reapply the spray just before drying for better styling and shine.



Lolane Spray-Care with Keratin and Camellia Oil

140 Milliliters