Description :

La'dor Keratin Power Glue is a serum-glue for the restoration of split ends. In a short time, the product "glues" the cut ends, returning the hair well-groomed look and health. The product fights not only with the consequence - damaged curls, but also with the "root of the problem" - the lack of natural collagen and moisture, the negative influence of external factors.

Use serum regularly to cure the cut hair and prevent damage to the tips, make the hair docile, soft and shiny. Glue is ideal for hair care of any type: it does not weigh and does not fat curls, does not leave sticky or sticky traces.


The serum-glue includes ingredients that allow you to quickly achieve a sustainable result:

  • Keratin fills cracks in the hair, "glues" the tips, smoothes the curls and gives them silkiness;
  • collagen creates on the surface of each hair the thinnest protective film, which gives the curls elasticity and shine, minimizes the negative influence of external factors;
  • snail mucin triggers the synthesis of collagen and elastin by the body, retains moisture in the hair, accelerates regeneration processes;
  • Moringa oil restores hair after dyeing or chemical perm, removes toxins, improves the health of curls.

Release form

Serum glue is produced in a small bottle (volume - 15 ml). This amount of money is enough for 1-2 use. Thanks to a handy spout dispenser, you can easily squeeze out the required amount of product.

How to use

Thoroughly rinse the hair and dry it with a towel. Apply a small amount of serum to the cut tips and comb with a rare comb. Don't flush the product! If the curls are badly damaged, follow the procedure after each wash until the hair is fully restored. To maintain the result and prevent, use glue once a week.



LADOR Professional serum with keratin for split ends of hair

15 Grams