Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Pain Relief Balm is an effective remedy for joint and muscle pain relief. A convenient applicator will help you to apply the ointment economically and pointwise. The ointment will provide a long-term warming effect, relieve inflammation and swelling from the diseased joint. The balm improves blood flow and vascular tone, relieves tension, relieves pain and accelerates joint regeneration. This makes him much more active in relieving pain, even when it comes to the hip and knee joints.

Instructions for the use of AMMELTZ Yoko Yoko ointment: for muscle pain, for back pain, effective for cervico-shoulder chondrosis, for bruises and sprains. It is recommended to use the product 2-3 times a day on the affected area of ​​the body.



Kobayashi Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Ointment for Pain Relief in Joints and Muscles

82 Milliliters