Size 60 x 40 cm

With a versatile towel, you're easy, and most importantly safe, to give the kitchen a stunning cleanliness and dazzling glow. Wardrobes, stove, hood will look like new. You can not be afraid for crystal and other materials that require careful treatment: the structure of the fabric of microfibers will not leave scratches or divorces on such surfaces. The increased absorption capacity of the towel allows one touch to absorb large amounts of moisture. It does not leave divorces and lint on any surfaces. Effective in both dry and wet. It withstands a lot of washes, does not deform.

  • The use of A'uAmagic products saves money and time;
  • After the use of the products, the A'UAmagic remains clean surface;
  • Aesthetic pleasure from the application: the product looks beautiful, pleasant tactile.