Natural Organic Hand Cream with Centela Asiatica extract, nourishing Turmeric and Galangala antiseptic Oil nourishes , heals, regenerates, provides softness and elasticity to the skin of the hands. The use of a cream with natural ingredients contributes to the rejuvenation of skin cells due to the action of active natural ingredients such as coconut oil, centella asiatica, mint oil, lavender, rose extract, all natural ingredients and extracts help moisturize, protect and prevent premature aging of the skin of the hands. The cream is effective against dry skin, effective in combating various fungal diseases, creating a protective barrier and increasing the local immunity of the skin.
This unique product has a wide range of beneficial effects and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Its regular use will get rid of such problems as:

  • increased dryness and flaking of the skin of the hands;
  • the appearance of wrinkles;
  • peeling, irritation;
  • sagging skin;
  • dark spots;
  • fragility and delamination of nails, etc.

The composition of the hand cream is rich in natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. So, the main ingredients are:

  • Coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin well, makes it more elastic, relieves inflammation, gives it a velvety texture;
  • Sesame Seed Oil cleanses the deep layers of the epidermis, promotes rapid tissue regeneration, moisturizes dry skin, heals microtraumas;
  • Centella Asiatica extract activates collagen synthesis, enhances blood microcirculation, increases tissue regenerative capacity, heals wounds and cuts, is an antibacterial agent, disinfects the skin surface, smoothes wrinkles, prevents aging;
  • Peppermint oil is a natural antiseptic, treats nail rubrophytosis, eliminates yeast erosion of hands, retains moisture, has a slight cooling effect;
  • Damask Rose Flower Water makes the skin more elastic and elastic, perfectly moisturizes, relieves the feeling of tightness, has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the nail plate, strengthens it;
  • Lavender oil removes minor cuts and wounds, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protects against harmful environmental influences, prevents nail delamination, softens cuticles;
  • Galanga oil has antiseptic and bactericidal properties, has a slight cooling effect, saturates the skin with useful vitamins and minerals;
  • Turmeric oil is a natural antiseptic, soothes inflammation, relieves itching and irritation, makes the skin of the hands soft and velvety, strengthens the nails;
  • Mangosteen extract effectively nourishes, saturates the skin with the necessary moisture, promotes tissue regeneration, soothes irritated skin, prevents chapping.

The light and pleasant texture of the cream adheres perfectly to the skin, is evenly distributed and absorbed quickly, leaving no oily sheen or marks on clothes.
The ingredients used in KhaoKho Talaypu products are organically grown in the northern region of Thailand, amid an endless ocean of green hills. The native plants have been carefully researched and used to make natural skin and hair care products that really work.



KhaoKho Talaypu Ultra Softening Herbal Hand Cream

50 Milliliters