All Khaokho Talaypu products are free of silicones, parabens, SLS, formaldehyde, synthetic oils, fragrances and colorants.

Natural Lifting Sleep Mask "Ultimate Firming Rice & Oat Sleping Mask" is a combination of two properties of 100% natural Di- and Tripeptides from rice, which help to restore the skin smoothness and youth, and Natural Polioses from oats, which, like a lifting film, tighten the skin and help reduce wrinkles while sleeping.
The unique formula of the mask, which contains natural plant biopolymers with antioxidant activity, does not contain 12 harmful chemicals, will give your face a youthful, smooth, firm and naturally healthy look, increase skin elasticity and restore moisture balance while you sleep.
The effect of the natural components of the mask is enhanced during sleep.

15-20 minutes before bedtime, apply the mask in a moderate layer to cleansed face. Leave it on overnight without rinsing.

Does not contain 12 harmful chemicals.
The ingredients used in KhaoKho Talaypu products are organically grown in the northern region of Thailand, amid an endless ocean of green hills. The native plants have been carefully researched and used to make natural skin and hair care products that really work.




KhaoKho Talaypu Ultimate Firming Rice & Oat Sleping Mask

50 Milliliters