All Khaokho Talaypu products are free from silicones, parabens, SLS, formaldehyde, synthetic oils, fragrances and colorants.

Organic Tamarind soap is based on natural glycerin obtained from coconut oil of the first cold pressing, which will ideally cleanse your skin and saturate it with the necessary moisture to maintain health. Natural glycerin is not only safe but also healthy.
Organic Tamarind improves skin turgor. Fights unwanted pigmentation (hyper-pigmentation). Restores elasticity to the skin. Provides an even color to the skin, fills the skin with freshness. Accelerates the healing of minor skin lesions. Leaves the skin soft. Increases local skin immunity.



Khaokho Talaypu Tamarind Natural Organic Soap, Healthy Skin Radiance

80 Grams