Khaokho Talaypu Shower Gel with Tamarind Extract , cleanses, moisturizes and cares for the skin. Warm woody aroma has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state. Relieves stress, improves mood, relaxes, soothes. KhaoKho shower gels use natural safe glycerin from coconut oil. It moisturizes the skin as much as possible and takes care of its health. Turmeric extract soothes irritated skin, protects against negative environmental influences. Rejuvenates, smoothes, relieves puffiness. Increases elasticity.
Organic Tamarindimproves skin turgor. Fights unwanted pigmentation (hyper-pigmentation). Eliminates blackheads, reduces pore size. Restores elasticity to the skin. Provides an even color to the skin, fills the skin with freshness. Accelerates the healing of minor skin lesions (including scratches, the effects of acne, etc.). Leaves the skin soft. Increases local skin immunity.
By using this product while showering or in the bathroom, you will ensure truly outstanding results. The skin will become velvety and soft, very pleasant to the touch.

The gel also contains the following components:

  • Coconut oil. It saturates the skin with a whole complex of beneficial acids (including hyaluronic, etc.), contains vitamins of groups B, C; has a moisturizing effect on a greater depth of the dermis; protects the skin from early aging; prevents the negative impact of the environment; has an anti-inflammatory effect; helps to quickly get rid of small cracks, wounds, regenerates skin cells, makes it velvety; protects the dermis from ultraviolet best, reduces stretch marks.
  • Damask Rose. The component is included in the gel as floral water, which allows it to fill the skin with moisture and make it fresher. Also, this element gives the skin a lifting effect, relieves the skin of redness, inflammation, fights early aging, tones the dermis.
  • Peppermint Oil. Has a mild cooling effect, tones the skin, has a calming effect, relieves inflammation and scabies; fights irritation, gives the skin an even color, softness and makes it pleasant to the touch.
  • Lavender Oil. It is a natural antiseptic; has a disinfection effect; fills the dermis with moisture, giving the skin an even tone and smoothness.
  • Galangal Oil. Returns youth to the skin, fills it with useful microelements; prevents premature aging, the formation of a cellulite crust, fights skin ailments (eczema, various types of dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.); relieves scabies and inflammation.

Since the gel contains components of natural origin, it is ideal for everyday use; does not cause dryness and inflammation.

The ingredients used in KhaoKho Talaypu products are organically grown in the northern region of Thailand, amid an endless ocean of green hills. The native plants have been carefully researched and used to make natural skin and hair care products that really work.



KhaoKho Talaypu Tamarind Natural Body Wash

210 Milliliters