iger Balm Red Warming "Tiger Balm" Red Ointment is a unique fast-acting agent with a natural composition and high efficiency. It perfectly relieves pain sensations of various localization: pain in the lower back and back, muscle and tendon damage, trauma, joint diseases. The remedy is effective for headaches, chondrosis, radiculitis, convulsions, colds, helps to avoid itching and various skin inflammations. The balm is widely used as an agent that repels mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ants, and also effectively heals inflammation from the bites of various insects.

Tiger Balms are some of the most famous and effective pain relievers around the world. There are two types of tiger balm: red and white. They are practically identical in composition and properties. Their main difference: white tiger balm is considered cooling, and red is warming. This is due to the fact that red pepper extract is found only in the composition of red balm. It is he who provides its warming effect. White balm is more cooling thanks to camphor, menthol and mint.

The healing power of this balm is explained by the ideal ratio of healing herbs Kayaput, Clove, Mint, Cinnamon. They have an analgesic effect. And the chili oil and camphor contained in the composition have a pronounced thermal effect, increasing blood flow, causing local blood circulation. And the acceleration of blood flow, in turn, accelerates the healing process and the removal of inflammation. When exposed to the balm, the temperature of the skin rises slightly, which weakens and dulls the pain, creating a feeling of warmth that is comfortable for the body.



Haw Par Tiger Balm Red Ointment,Warming

30 Grams