HDMI VIDEO CABLE 4k with Ultra Speed 18Gpbs Cable Mate 1.5M

Connecting computer to Tv/Connecting network set-top box to tv. 4k/1080P High-definition anti-interference,


Which devices are HDMI CABLE mainly used for?
A: The connection between TV and DVD, the connection between TV and game console, the connection between TV and set-top box, the connection between display and computer

- . What is the main role of HDMI CABLE?
Transmission of audio and video signals

- . What kinds of wire gauges are there for HDMI cables?
A: HDMI has 30AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG, 24AWG

- . What is the AWG?
AWG is the abbreviation of American wire gauge, which is an American wire gauge and is a standard for distinguishing wire diameters.

- . What are the outer diameters of the HDMI cable?
A: If the wire gauge is 30AWG, the OD is 6.0MM; if the wire gauge is 28AWG, the OD is 7.3MM; if the wire gauge is 26AWG, the OD is 8.3MM; if the wire gauge is 24AWG, the OD is 9.0MM;

- . What are the specific specifications of various AWGs?
A: 30AWG 7/0.10mm stranded or 0.254mm solid; 28AWG 7/0.12mm stranded or 0.32mm solid; 26AWG 7/0.16mmstranded or 0.404mm solid; 24AWG 7/0.20mm stranded or 0.5mm solid.

- . What are the lengths of the HDMI cable?
A: 1.5 meter

-What is the corresponding maximum length of the different wire gauges supported by the HDMI cable?

- What are the HDMI versions?
A: There are V1.3, V1.4, V2.0, V2.1
- . What is the structure of HDMI?
A: HDMI is divided into standard and non-standard, standard is 19pin; non-standard is 15pin;
The structure of the V1.3 standard is: (1P+D+AL+MYLAR)*4P+1P+5C+D+AL+Braiding+OD
The non-standard structure is: (1P+AL)*5P+4C+D+AL+OD
The structure of V1.4 and 2.0 is: (1P+D+AL+MYLAR)*5P+4C+D+AL+Braiding+OD
The non-standard structure is: (1P+AL)*5P+4C+D+AL+OD

- . What is the difference between the standard and non-standard HDMI lines?
A: standard has ground wire and nylon sleeve, while non-standard not.

- . What is the role of ground wire and weaving?
A: The shielding effect has no effect on the use.

- . Why use non-standard specifications?
A: Because the price is cheap

- . What are the materials of the HDMI cable?
A: bare copper wire

B: CCS (copper-clad steel)

- . What are the materials of bare copper wire?
bare copper BC and tinned copper TC

- . What is the difference between bare copper and tinned copper?
A: The price of tinned copper is more expensive than bare copper, and the transmission signal is better.

- . Can the HDMI cable carry a magnet ring?

- . What is the role of the magnet ring?
A: Anti-electromagnetic interference

- . What is the size of the magnet ring?
A: 20*14*8.5mm for OD: 6.0MM

B: 14.5*28.5*9.0mm for OD:7.3MM
C: 17.5*28.5*9.5mm for OD: 8.0-9.0MM

- . What is the external material of HDMI?
A: The outer material is PVC.

- . Can HDMI be made nylon braiding?
A: Yes.


  • Why should I add nylon braiding on the HDMI outside?
    1.More beautiful 2. cable is not easy to be broken

- . What kinds of HDMI plugs are there?
A: From the material, divided into iron shell and copper shell
B. From the plating, divided into gold plating and nickel plating

- . how many types of HDMI head?
Three types: Plastic head, metal head and aluminium head

HDMI 2.0V Ultra High Speed 18Gpbs 4k Original 1.5M

  • HDMI 19P Plug to Plug,gold plated, PVC

    AWG: 30AWG

    Conductor: CCS

    Version: 1.4/2.0

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