HDMI information: 1.5M


  • Which devices are HDMI CABLE mainly used for?
    A: The connection between TV and DVD, the connection between TV and game console, the connection between TV and set-top box, the connection between display and computer

2. What is the main role of HDMI CABLE?
Transmission of audio and video signals

3. What kinds of wire gauges are there for HDMI cables?
A: HDMI has 30AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG, 24AWG

4. What is the AWG?
AWG is the abbreviation of American wire gauge, which is an American wire gauge and is a standard for distinguishing wire diameters.

5. What are the outer diameters of the HDMI cable?
A: If the wire gauge is 30AWG, the OD is 6.0MM; if the wire gauge is 28AWG, the OD is 7.3MM; if the wire gauge is 26AWG, the OD is 8.3MM; if the wire gauge is 24AWG, the OD is 9.0MM;

6. What are the specific specifications of various AWGs?
A: 30AWG 7/0.10mm stranded or 0.254mm solid; 28AWG 7/0.12mm stranded or 0.32mm solid; 26AWG 7/0.16mmstranded or 0.404mm solid; 24AWG 7/0.20mm stranded or 0.5mm solid.

7. What are the lengths of the HDMI cable?
A: The length of the HDMI cable can be customized according to customer requirements, from 0.5 meters to 100 meters.

8. What is the corresponding maximum length of the different wire gauges supported by the HDMI cable?
A: HDMI 30AWG, the longest can be 10 meters; 28AWG, the longest can be 15 meters; 26AWG, the longest can be 20 meters; 24AWG, the longest can be 25 meters.

9. What are the specifications of the most conventional HDMI cable length?
A: 30MWG can be used within 10 meters (including 10 meters); 28AWG can be used within 15 meters (including 15 meters);Within 25 meters (including 25 meters) can be made with 24AWG. Within 100 meters (including 100 meters) can be done with 24AWG, but you need to add an amplifier, or you can't pass the signal.

10. What are the HDMI versions?
A: There are V1.3, V1.4, V2.0, V2.1
11. What is the structure of HDMI?
A: HDMI is divided into standard and non-standard, standard is 19pin; non-standard is 15pin;
The structure of the V1.3 standard is: (1P+D+AL+MYLAR)*4P+1P+5C+D+AL+Braiding+OD
The non-standard structure is: (1P+AL)*5P+4C+D+AL+OD
The structure of V1.4 and 2.0 is: (1P+D+AL+MYLAR)*5P+4C+D+AL+Braiding+OD
The non-standard structure is: (1P+AL)*5P+4C+D+AL+OD

12. What is the difference between the standard and non-standard HDMI lines?
A: standard has ground wire and nylon sleeve, while non-standard not.

13. What is the role of ground wire and weaving?
A: The shielding effect has no effect on the use.

14. Why use non-standard specifications?
A: Because the price is cheap

15. What are the materials of the HDMI cable?
A: bare copper wire

B: CCS (copper-clad steel)

16. What are the materials of bare copper wire?
bare copper BC and tinned copper TC

17. What is the difference between bare copper and tinned copper?
A: The price of tinned copper is more expensive than bare copper, and the transmission signal is better.

18. Can the HDMI cable carry a magnet ring?

19. What is the role of the magnet ring?
A: Anti-electromagnetic interference

20. What is the size of the magnet ring?
A: 20*14*8.5mm for OD: 6.0MM

B: 14.5*28.5*9.0mm for OD:7.3MM
C: 17.5*28.5*9.5mm for OD: 8.0-9.0MM

21. What is the external material of HDMI?
A: The outer material is PVC.

22. Can HDMI be made nylon braiding?
A: Yes.


  • Why should I add nylon braiding on the HDMI outside?
    1.More beautiful 2. cable is not easy to be broken

24. What kinds of HDMI plugs are there?
A: From the material, divided into iron shell and copper shell
B. From the plating, divided into gold plating and nickel plating

25. how many types of HDMI head?
Three types: Plastic head, metal head and aluminium head

HDMI Ultra Speed 18Gpbs 4k x 2k Cable Plug to Plug gold plated, PVC

Color: Black
  • HDMI 19P Plug to Plug,gold plated, PVC

    AWG: 30AWG

    Conductor: CCS

    Version: 1.4/2.0

    Length: 1.5m

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