Nutritional cream with gold

Intense nourishing cream with gold with a pronounced rejuvenating effect. It can be used as a prevention of premature skin withering.


  • fills the skin with nutrients and hydrates,
  • eliminates dryness and flatibility,
  • increases skin elasticity, has a lifting effect,
  • promotes smoothing of skin smoots and facial wrinkles,
  • Returns healthy glow to the skin, improves the complexion.

Key components:

  • Gold saturates the skin with oxygen, increases blood microcirculation, removes toxins and slags - the skin is renewed at the cellular level, the aging process slows down. Also, gold improves and accelerates the penetration into the skin of active components of cosmetics, increases their effectiveness.

How to use:

On the cleansed and toned skin after the serum apply cream, light massaging movements to distribute until fully absorbed.



Enough Rich Gold Intensive Pro Nourishing Cream

50 Milliliters