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Lemongrass (Lemon Herb) is a favorite of Asian cuisine and a natural antioxidant rich in vitamins, trace elements and essential oils. Lemon grass contains B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and other trace elements, as well as natural antioxidants and antiseptics. Lemongrass reveals all its beneficial properties in the form of a hot drink: it gently tones, relieves nervous tension, increases immunity, removes toxins from the body and stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow.
Another area of ​​influence of Lemon Grass is digestion. It normalizes the intestines, has a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa, promotes better absorption of food. Lemongrass tea is used for pain in the intestines and stomach, for flatulence to improve digestion, and as a diaphoretic.
Lemongrass can be used in diets as it makes you feel full. In addition, the plant is a natural aphrodisiac and increases libido.

Other beneficial properties:

  • Antioxidant action. Lemongrass contains chlorogenic acid, isoorientin and clottingaponin, which, both in total and individually, have a fairly noticeable antioxidant effect on the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect. Citral in lemongrass fights inflammation well at any stage, including the initial one.
  • Soothing properties. Breathing in the scent of Lemongrass can help anxiety-prone people.
  • Improving oral health. The antibacterial action of lemongrass visibly improves the health of teeth and gums.
  • Increased red blood cell levels. Research results show that daily consumption of lemongrass tea infusions can increase the concentration of hemoglobin and the number of red blood cells in the body.
  • Diuretic action .

Herbal tea with the addition of Lemongrass is a wonderful remedy for colds. Although most people drink it hot, it is a great drink in summer too. Simply place the tea in the fridge and add ice and a slice of lemon before drinking to perfect the drink with its lemon flavor.




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