The package contains 15 filter bags

Cat's Whisker or Ortosiphon contains a complex of biologically active substances that have beneficial properties. The use of the plant for medicinal purposes is so widespread that in a number of Asian countries, Cat's Whiskers are grown on a large scale on special plantations. The leaves of the shrub have medicinal characteristics, which include: organic acids, triterpene saponins, tannins, tannin, glycoside orthosiphonin, potassium salts, alkaloids, bioflavonoids, beta-sitosterol, fatty (2–7%) and essential oils.

  • Tannin is a tonic, and organic acids normalize digestion.
  • Potassium salts regulate water balance in the body, stimulate cardiac activity, reduce swelling, prevent chronic fatigue and contribute to the normal functioning of soft tissues - brain, muscles, blood vessels.
  • Triterpene saponins have sedative, tonic and expectorant properties, while beta-sitosterol lowers cholesterol and is essential for the prevention of cancer.

Ortosiphon is a powerful diuretic: it doubles the volume of secreted fluid. During administration, chlorides, lead, uric acid and urea are actively excreted from the body; spasms of smooth muscles are removed, the secretion of gastric juice and bile increases, metabolism is normalized. It provokes an increase in the level of urea, uric acid and chlorides produced in the body, and also stimulates the secretion of bile, which normalizes the digestive tract and ensures the elimination of harmful substances. Cat's whiskers are used for kidney stones, nephritis, which are accompanied by edema, the formation of kidney stones, with stones of the ureters and bladder / cystitis, urethritis. It gives good results in atherosclerosis and relieves swelling caused by cardiovascular insufficiency.
The use of Cat's whiskers improves the secretory function of the gastric mucosa and increases the amount of free hydrochloric acid, and also reduces the content of mucus and leukocytes in the bile in people suffering from ailments of the hepatobiliary system.
Ortosiphon is used in case of circulatory failure of 2 and 3 degrees, hypertensive nephropathy, diabetes mellitus and gout. During pregnancy, Ortosiphon is prescribed for edema, with gestosis and pyelonephritis.
In the dietetics of Ortosiphon staminate leaves are included in the diet for weight loss. Cat's Whisker without additives is effective if excess weight is associated with metabolic disorders, water-salt balance and fluid retention in the body.
Ortosiphon is also used in cosmetology - in the form of an infusion for hair. They rinse their hair after washing to make it smooth and silky. In facial cosmetology, the plant serves as an effective means of rejuvenation.



Dr. Green 100% Natural Organic Tea Cat's Whisker - Ortosiphon