Perfumed Mist CP-1 Revitalizing Hair Mist White Cotton with a sweet floral-fruit flavor.

Hair spray refreshes, tones, moisturizes hair and acts as a thermal protection. If you like to make your hair smell luxurious, myst is your option.

Why you need a myst:

  • Remove electrification;
  • "Smooth out the naughty hair;
  • - Protect against overheating when laying with a hairdryer and iron;
  • Preventing the appearance of dry and mesh tips;
  • "Give your hair a fresh, deep aroma.

The composition of the myst is keratin and silk, which penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, nutrition and saturating useful trace elements. They lock moisture inside, preventing dehydration. It also makes the hair obedient, smooth and silky.

Complex vegetable oils of olives, macadamias, jojoba and others smooth the hair along the entire length, restore their health, protect against damage and brittleness.

How to use it

Wash your hair with shampoo and dry. Shake the vial with the spray to make the product homogeneous, and spray it on curls at a distance of 15 cm. Put the hair in the hairstyle. The spray doesn't need flushing. Suitable for frequent use.




80 Milliliters