5 disposable cleaning napkins for cashmere and wool.

Cleaning napkin for cashmere and wool BioTrim NEO 2 promptly and as carefully as possible will help to clean fresh pollution on clothes from cashmere and wool.

Soft thin cashmere or warm cozy six - a spectacular and tactile pleasant material. But how to remove food stains or a trace of lipstick, so as not to spoil your favorite product? Delicate material loves gentle treatment. BioTrim NEO 2, soaked in natural cleanser, effectively removes pollution without damaging the structures of fibers, and the caring components make things softer and smoother.

Each napkin is packed in an individual sachet, so it is convenient to have it at hand, to take a trip - for it there is always a place in a handbag or backpack.


  • Open the sachet, take out the napkin.
  • With careful tapping movements, wet the stain until it is removed. Use only a clean area of the napkin.
  • Do not rub the stain - thus you contribute to the deep penetration of dirt into the wool fibers.
  • Allow the product to dry completely (if possible). Dry only in natural conditions, without hair dryer, battery, direct sunlight. After drying the product, the smell of the natural cleanser is weathered.


  • The napkins, impregnated with a solution based on plant extracts, are designed to remove fresh surface spots of natural origin. Not designed to eliminate chemical contamination (food and chemical dyes).
  • The wipes will not help if the contamination has changed the structure of the material (e.g. acid).
  • The napkins do not eliminate the sation and scuffing of the products.
  • If there is general contamination of the product, the cleaned area can be released after the stain is removed with a napkin. We recommend refreshing the appearance of the product with a cleanser for cashmere and wool BioTrim NEO 2.
  • In severe and complex pollutions it is possible to use a napkin as a stain remover before washing



Water; natural citric acid; extracts: soap root, chamomile, aloe vera, dandelion, burdock, St. John's wort, badan, sour, raspberry leaves.