Sandalwood powder 25%, UD 25%, musk 25%, fragrance additive 25%


Pressed Bahur is a mixture of resins, precious woods, essential oils and aromatic substances. In eastern countries, it is used for smoking and flavoring clothes, hair and premises. It is possible to recalculate bahurov using bakurnitz, which are divided into traditional and electric coal. Electric bakurns are more convenient for the European consumer, because the principle of their action is clear: you need to cover the bowl of bakurnitsa with a layer of ordinary foil, put a piece of bahua on it and include. The heating element will gradually melt Bahur, and because of this there will be fragrant smoke. Bahur lattafa buhoor Raghba refers to a group of scents: musky, floral, woody. Initial notes: Galanta, dark chocolate, ginger. Middle notes: tobacco, Acacia, sandalwood. Base Notes: amber, musk.



Bahur premium Raghba

40 Grams