3 RCA to 3 RCA Hi-Quality Gold Plated


Shielded Cables Provide high-definition video signal transfer between DVD players and high-end TVs or monitors for optimum picture resolution and color Precision 75ohms Impedance for Max.

Signal Transfer EMI-RFI Protected Double High-Density Aluminum Shield 100% 0.12mm Aluminum-Polyester Foil Shield 3 RG59 95% Copper-Braid Shielded Conductors 95% Spiral-Wound-Shield Audio Conductors Ultra-Flex Black Rubber 6.0mm OD PVC Jacket 24K Gold-Plated Heavy-Duty RCA Connectors Color-Coded Fully Molded Construction The component video cable offers uncompromising performance for your DVD, HDTV, projectors, plasma and home theater and cable/satellite systems.

These high quality 75 Ohm video cables feature color coded connectors for component video (Y, PB, PR) signals which provide easy, error-free connection and optimum picture resolution. We are proud to offer 3-cable with 3 RCA Male (Red, Blue and Green) configurations for video.

warranty : Lifetime

3RCA Male to 3RCA male Copper OD 4.0 Gold Plated Aluminium Shell

Color: Black
  • 3RCA male to 3RCA male copper,od:4.0,gold Plated,aluminium shell

    Conductor: Copper

    OD: 4.0MM

    Length: 1.5m